Zynga Poker is getting a new tournament code called Spin & Win

mmocheaponline | 17 September, 2019 00:20

Zynga Poker is aiming to create a competitive poker tournament faster with the launch of a new Spin and Win mode. The new mode has been launched for the World Poker Tour tournament in Zynga Poker casino-themed social application, giving players the experience of playing a short tournament and a chance to win a payout of up to 10x their buy-in prize wheel spins. The game features faster gameplay with a tournament that lasted 5-8 minutes, and the three-handed tournament mode where the winner takes all.

Players who choose this mode of play will find a tournament that only lasted three hands for about five to eight minutes each. When three players buy virtual chips, they spin the wheel to determine the payment to the eventual winner, who started at two times the amount of the buy-in, but can be up to 10 times the amount. Win spins and action requires competitors to experiment with a more aggressive style and quickly collect the chip lead for the win. This strategy is effective in situations other tournament, and players will find that aggression helped them in live poker scenarios should they make that transition. In addition, Cheap Zynga Chips is on hot sale at our website

As an extra touch, the new mode features authentic environments and branded table of the World Poker Tour, throws the player into the world of hot stage. This is not only true in the sense that players will find themselves in the same poker room they had seen on the broadcast, but also that they will challenge players around the world in the form of brief, high-risk tournament. Since things are moving faster, there is a place for players who do not know what they are doing. There is no additional risk associated with playing Spin & Win, but there does not have to be; faster speeds and more aggressive play will ensure that the player is unwise and unskillful will part with their chips in a short time.


mmocheaponline | 04 September, 2019 06:34

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